Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 “Collections” Rocks!

The “old” way of doing things:

  • The collection process is defined and associated with a customer.
  • The collection process can be executed periodically and brings the results into the collections form where a collection manager can then process the collection letters.

Common issues in the past: No follow up, no way to record customer responses to calls, only able to process letters and all in a separate and somewhat isolated form with a lot of clicking and searching as the information needed is in many places in AX.

New in AX2012:

1)     Managing collections information centrally in one form utilizing an aging snapshot. The new form connects to 31 forms and contains information from 14 forms. It now enables a collection manager to write off, settle, attach documents and communicate with the customer directly from this form. Activities, Appointments, Events and Tasks may be utilized (Appointments and Tasks are available after sync with Outlook).

2)     Collection agents and customer pools – Agents and pools may be used to filter the respective customers. Not all Collection agents may be able to see (configurable) all customers.

3)     Creation of Action, Task, Appointment or Event

Four types of activities represent actions a collections agent will take.

Action: An action which was completed

Task: An action which must be done in the future

Event: An event which already occurred

Appointment: An appointment in the future

4)     Managing status on individual transactions

Any transaction can have one of the following statuses: Not disputed (default), Disputed, Resolved, Promised to Pay. In the process of setting a transaction to disputed the sales person may be contacted via email.

5)     Combine this with the case management available in AX2012 and you can:

  • Create a case (for which no process is defined) and associate with a customer.
  • Create a case with a process defined
  • Create a case with a process and a workflow defined

Take a look at the new interface in AX2012 where you can manage your collections, set disputes, record “promised to pays”, write off or settle transactions or communicate with the customer by sending a statement via email.


Thank you AX2012 AR team for this very usable functionality!

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